Never Ending Audit !!

Hii guys!!

I m writing my blog after a long time. Yeah, I know very well.

Actually, I was there on a never ending audit of a textile mill which came to a full stop for a while just a few days ago.

It was seriously never ending one.

We audited Purchases, Sales & the most hard working work… Physical Verification of Fixed Assets, Raw Material, Semi Finished Goods, Finished Goods of all types, Stores & Spare parts. And, afterwards, HR (Contractor Part). And then Limited Review & then Tax Audit. What are you thinking that it was really a never ending one???? True dear!! We all are exhausted from this. And, have no interest in going there again. ROFL!!

I want to share one of my best as well as the the most tiring experience with you guys. Well you can guess that what it must be relating to. It is regarding the Physical Verification of Finished Goods,i.e., Fabric. Before commencing the process, everyone gave us the best wishes for doing it as it is the most complicated one because we have to do physical verification of that which is of different types, different shades, and different meter wise pieces which was scattered in a big hall. And, it took 5 to 6 days in completing its audit.

And, just after its completion, every person we met asked only one question, “Mam, Please tell is there shortage or excess?” And, we guys were like “ohh come on, please give us some time to reconcile it from the stock mentioned in Books”.

After doing that, I can say confidently that I can do physical verification of any type of product in any condition because I think that was the worst one we did.

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